We will never forget the loss of pilots, airmen, crews, and passengers of the C-2A Greyhound who lost their lives during their service.



C-2A Squadron unknown, 1965 - Thursday 29 April 1965 (from NAS Patuxent River)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 148147

Crew: 4, Fatalities: 4

The first YC-2A prototype (modified E-2A Hawkeye) ditched into Long Island Sound while on a test flight.

CDR Murdoch M McLeod; LCDR Thomas A Eades and 2 unknown


VRC-50 VRC-50, 1969 - Thursday 2 October 1969 (USS Constellation CV-64)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 152796 RG-412

Crew: 6, Passengers: 21, Fatalities: 27

LT Herbert H. Dilger; LT Richard A. Livingston, PO3 Paul K. Moser; PO3 Michael J. Tye and PO3 Rayford J. Hill
and twenty passengers:
Terry L. Beck; Richard W. Bell; Michael L. Bowman; Frank Bytheway; Rolando C. Dayao; Donald C. Dean; Carl J. Ellerd; James J. Fowler; Roy G. Fowler; Leonardo M. Gan; Paul E. Gore; William D. Gorsuch; Delvin L. Kohler; Howard M. Koslosky; Robert B. Leonard; Ronald W. Montgomery; William R. Moore; Kenneth M. Prentice; Fidel G. Salazar; Keavin L. Terrell; Reynaldo R. Viado (all missing)

The Greyhound departed Luzon Island-Cubi Point NAS (NCP), Philippines to fly to USS Constellation. A C-2A Greyhound was destroyed when it crashed into the sea near aircraft carrier USS Constellation. All six crew members and 21 passengers were killed. The airplane operated on a personnel transportation flight from Cubi Point to USS Constellation. The aircraft carrier was on active duty during the Vietnam War at the time of the accident. The airplane came down about 16 km from the ship. It was suspected that the airplane struck the sea following an engine failure.


VRC-50 VRC-50, 1970 - Tuesday 15 December 1970 (USS Ranger CV-61)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 155120 / RG 414

Crew: 4, Passengers: 5, Fatalities: 9

LT Meril "SKIP" McKoy, LTJG Piersanta, ADJ3 John Sziapa, ADJ3 Clyde "BUCK" Owens
BTCM Deuso from SRF Subic, AQF2 Stewart, XXX from VA-113 and four Philippine civilians: Deperio, Flores, Sarmiento and Lofamia

An C-2A greyhound transport plane was destroyed when it crashed into the sea near the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CVA-61), in the Gulf of Tonkin. All four crew members and five passengers were killed. The airplane had landed on USS Ranger to deliver passengers and supplies. The aircraft carrier was on active duty during the Vietnam War at the time of the accident. The airplane crashed shortly after a catapult takeoff. It pitched up, stalled, and crashed into the sea. The aircraft stalled after the catapult launch with a probable load shift of the cargo. It reached an extreme nose-up attitude, went into a hammerhead stall, and crashed off the carrier's port bow. Nine crew members were killed, seven were missing.



USNTPS USNTPS, Monday 23 August 1971 ( NAS Patuxent River)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 152788 c/n 5

Crew: 3, Fatalities: 3

Flight Test Division: LCDR John E. McCauley, LCDR D. K. Shiverdecker
Grumman Aerospace Co. David Hauptmann

Ca. four minutes after the departure of Pax River, a call of Mayday was received by the base. The aircraft crashed into the Chesapeake Bay two miles east of Hermanvill.


VRC-50 VRC-50, 1971 - Sunday 12 December 1971 (NAS Cubi Point)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 152793 / RG-407

Crew: 4, Passengers: 6, Fatalities: 10

LT Vetal C. LaMountain, LTJG Gale V. Woolsey, ABH3 Richard C. Gaynor, AN James M. VanBussum
and their passengers, CTOC Donald E. Dickerson,CTR1 Walter R. Woods ,CTM2 Gregory K. Zeller ,CTO3 James M. Coon ,CTOSN Stephen H. Elliott,CTISN John R. Deremigio

Crashed during a logistics flight in the Vietnam War. The airplane was based as NAS Cubi Point.


VR-24 VR-24, 1972 - Saturday 29 January 1972 (USS Independence CV-62)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 155122 / JM-122

Crew: 2, Passengers: 8, Fatalities: 2

LT Kenneth M. Garton, LT David E. Alger

Crashed into the sea while attempting to land on carrier USS Independence. The aircraft sank six minutes after impact with the two pilots trapped in the cockpit.


VR-24 VR-24, 1973 - Friday 16 November 1973 (USS Independence CV-62)

Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 152787

Crew: 4, Passengers: 6, Fatalities: 7

The two pilots and the plane captain survived, but AMS3 Thomas Murphy and 6 passengers in the cargo area did not make it out of the plane. 

Crashed into the sea about five miles from runway 11 after both engines lost power. Fuel contamination with water suspected.


VRC-40 VRC-40, 1993 (USS Theodore Roosevelt)

AD1 Mark Wall (accident onboard - blown by an aircraft overboard)


VRC-30 DET 5 VRC-30 DET 5, 2017 - Wednesday 22 November 2017 (USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76)

Grumman C-2A(R) Greyhound BuNo 162175 / RW-33 (Password 33)

Crew: 4, Passengers: 7, Fatalities: 3

LT Steven Combs

and their passengers, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) Airman Matthew Chialastri and Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Apprentice Bryan Grosso